Top 5 Most-Demanded Tech Skills in 2023 For Jobs

Careers are changing – so much so that it is predicted that 85% of the jobs college graduates will have in 2030 have not yet been created.

This means that skills will also change. AI and automation will be key drivers of this as machines are able to do more work. Instead of just automating manual tasks, smart machines powered by human intelligence (AI) will increasingly perform tasks that require thinking and decision-making.

So where does that leave humans? Don’t worry; It is unlikely that we will be completely employed. Instead, we’ll focus on jobs that machines can’t do as well as we can (yet) — jobs that involve planning, creativity, or emotional intelligence, for example.

In 2023 and beyond, I believe that those who succeed in industry and business will develop skills that include the use of intelligent machines and software to increase our power while putting the “human hand” where it is needed. . So here is my rundown of five skills that will help anyone prepare for the future.

Data communicator / reporter

Data communicators and storytellers will become more desirable and useful to businesses as we approach 2023. In fact, according to a study by Tableau provided by Forrester, in 2025, 70% of jobs will involve working directly with data. This means that every organization will need people who are skilled at thinking, interpreting and communicating.

This skill is about the ability to communicate ideas effectively, that is, to get them into the right hands at the right time. However, they also need to be involved, which is where storytelling comes in. Smart storytellers can see and tell stories about data. Of course, this may mean explaining where the information comes from, why it is important to the company and how to do it effectively.

Data reporters use written and visual communication, using tools like PowerBI, Qlik, and Tableau to find the most effective, memorable, and accurate way to convey information. There is a reason why storytelling has been mankind’s preferred method of communicating important messages since Stone Age tribesmen gathered around fires at night.

We are used to searching for their meaning, remembering them and passing on what we have learned from them. As data becomes part of more companies’ strategies, the number of people who can communicate and create stories from it will increase significantly, which is why technical skills are part of my list of the most in-demand technical skills in 2023.

data communicator


The explosion of home and remote work that began during the Covid-19 pandemic and is expected to continue into 2023 means that cybersecurity is essential for every business. It is no longer limited to the IT department, every employee will be responsible for the security of the data given to them and for building stability in their work area. However, this does not mean that the professional cybersecurity specialist will be a thing of the past – far from it, in fact, as it is expected that up to 10 million professionals will work in the field in 2023.

This means that whether you plan to pursue it as a career path or put it on your CV to make yourself marketable, whatever job you are currently doing, cybersecurity skills will be one of the requirements for the foreseeable future. .

Home and remote work, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the continued expansion of many aspects of our lives into the digital realm (and metaverse) all have significant implications for how cybercriminals can earn a living. We don’t like it. Cybersecurity experts use AI to predict and prevent hacking and DDOS attacks while incorporating the psychological intelligence necessary to protect against low-tech methods based on social engineering. It is a unique skill that will make anyone attractive for tomorrow’s workforce.

UX design

User experience (UX) design and the closely related area of ​​user interface (UI) will become increasingly valuable skills due to the rapid digital transformation that effectively transforms every business into a technology company and every service to if technical work.

The democratization of technology means that everyone, regardless of their occupation, is expected to use technology to some extent. That also means that the technology must be usable by everyone, even those who do not have the traditional skills necessary to work with the technology, such as software and programming skills.

The skill of a UX and UI designer is to make technology understandable and accessible to everyone, even if the technology is not used. This will be especially important as we move into the era of low code/no code, where organizations can create applications for their customers or employees without the need for software engineers. and to carry out long and expensive software development projects. .

Increasingly, whether a user (customer or employee) continues to engage with a tool, application, or piece of technology will depend on whether they have a positive experience, pleasant and painless. As consumers continue to value experience over other aspects of the products and services they purchase (such as value for money or convenience), UX design skills will be increasingly in demand.

Digital Marketing

We live in an attention economy – which means that our attention increases the value we have to deliver, and capturing it is a top priority for brands and businesses. Digital marketing is about harnessing the collective power of many technological approaches designed to capture the attention of customers and put your products and services at the forefront of their minds.

From paid social media to influencer-led advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and immersive channels like metaverse and augmented reality (AR), digital marketing includes a variety of digital art techniques ranging from technical to creative. .

Good salespeople can be one, many, or many – and as long as they can use their area of ​​expertise to move the needle on whatever metric is important to their organization, they won’t find themselves in job. in 2023. This year, many digital marketers will be encouraged to use AI-powered tools that help with target audience and segmentation.

And finally – one skill to rule them all…

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that AI plays an important role in all the skills I’ve talked about here – in particular, the ability to work alongside AI in a way that is often described today as “incentive up. work”. “Data communicators have AI tools that can show the most effective types of visualization and reporting to get their ideas across.

Cybersecurity experts use AI to analyze network traffic and detect potential attacks before they do damage. UX designers use AI-assisted analysis of user behavior to determine which features and functions to prioritize. And digital marketers have many AI tools to predict audience behavior and even create copy and content.

The ability to find opportunities to improve the skills of people or of your organization through AI, and implement tools and platforms to do this, will be the most valuable skills in 2023 and beyond. – of.

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