Make it Easy Your Work With Chat GPT-4 By These 5 Ways

The rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence poses a challenge for those trying to keep up. However, the latest language model from OpenAI, GPT-4, offers significant improvements over its predecessors, including the ability to process both text and images. This makes it an excellent tool for workers to enhance their productivity and work quality.

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To take advantage of GPT-4’s capabilities, individuals and corporations can purchase the ChatGPT Plus version for US$20/month. In this article, we explore the top five ways that workers can use GPT-4 to improve their productivity.

Ask GPT-4 to Read a 50-Page Contract

Not everyone deals with extensive contracts, but it’s worth noting that GPT-4 has the capacity to process up to 50 pages of text in ChatGPT Plus, which is twice what earlier versions could handle. Instead of spending time reading lengthy documents like contracts or whitepapers that could be anywhere from 20 to 45 pages long, GPT-4 can complete the task for you. This highlights the importance of employees understanding how to fully utilize the potential of GPT-4 and activate it effectively to achieve the desired results for their tasks. For example, you could use GPT-4 to generate an email expressing your concerns to the person who shared the contract with you once it highlights the contract’s main areas of concern.

Upload Images for Social Posts

One of the most impressive features of GPT-4 is its ability to process both text and image inputs, but this capability is only accessible through the API and cannot be accessed using ChatGPT Plus. Additionally, this feature won’t be available as a standalone item. During an OpenAI presentation, the creator showcased GPT-4’s abilities by taking a photograph of a napkin drawing of an application and having GPT-4 convert it into website code, which was a remarkable demonstration of the technology’s capabilities.

Consider Treating GPT-4 as Another Employee

GPT-4 has brought about a significant increase in subtlety compared to previous models. In the past, results generated by language models could seem like a genuine solution, but in reality, they were not always accurate. A common trend on ChatGPT used to be people asking, “Who is [insert your name]?” and the responses generated by previous models would often contain false information about the individual’s occupation, awards they supposedly received, and even their educational background. Although this is just one example, it highlights how previous language models could inadvertently produce fabricated information, giving it the appearance of being true.

Train GPT-4 to Learn Your Tone of Voice

Experts have highlighted the importance of teaching GPT-4 to recognize the tone of your voice, and some have even suggested that writers do this to ensure that their articles are written in their unique style. While some journalists may find this to be a stretch, training GPT-4 to recognize your writing style can be valuable in other situations.

Compared to its predecessors, GPT-4 can process and input a greater amount of data. By providing it with a selection of emails or social media posts that you have already written, GPT-4 can better understand your writing style and produce more accurate results when you request text in the future. Previously, it was necessary to significantly modify ChatGPT responses to make them sound like they came from you or to reflect the tone of your business, but training GPT-4 is now a simpler process.

Ask GPT-4 for Personalized Interview Questions


The recruitment landscape has been significantly impacted by AI. Companies must now become more adept at recognizing when an applicant has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into their cover letter or CV. However, GPT can also prove to be advantageous for recruiters by enabling them to generate automated messaging more easily. With GPT-3 and 3.5, this would typically involve requesting a brief message to post on LinkedIn and email to potential job candidates, such as for a data analyst position in New York City. However, these messages would often lack any real personalization.

Now, it is possible to create highly personalized messages requesting an interview by inputting data from a prospective candidate’s LinkedIn profile, website, and other social media. For instance, if one candidate has worked in the industry for a decade, attained senior positions, and expressed an interest in taking on a more consultative role, GPT-4 can generate a customized message accordingly. With this level of personalization, recruiters can fill job vacancies more quickly and with greater success.

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